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Answers To Those Frequently Asked Questions

Q: After a session, how long does it take to receive photos? A: It should take about 5-7 business days to receive your photos via email link.


Q: Do you deliver every single image you shoot?

A: No. We only deliver images that meet our standard

(test shots, misfires, out of focus, eyes closed, ect. are

usually filtered out before final delivery).


Q: What does high resolution mean? A: High resolution images have a high number of pixels which give the image more clarity and detail. High resolution images are needed for any type of printing or high quality digital displays.

Q: Do you provide videography services? A: Yes, I have an awesome videographer who will provide all of your videography needs. The demand for his services are high so be sure to book with us as soon as you have a for sure date for your event.

Q: Can I arrive early to prepare for my session? A: No. Please arrive at your specific time (for studio sessions). Due to my schedule, I do not allow early entry into the studio. For natural light sessions, you may arrive early to prepare.

Q: Do you shoot birthday parties, baby showers, or other events? A: Yes. I shoot all types of events and charge by the hour.

Q: If I just need a couple of shots, do I still have to pay a full package price? A: Yes.

Q: What type of camera do you use? A: I only use Canon full frame digital cameras.

Q: Do you travel? A: Yes. Travel costs vary depending on the destination.

Q: What is your rescheduling policy? A: Rescheduling must be done two days before your scheduled appointment date and time. If rescheduling is not requested within two days before your scheduled appointment, a new deposit will be due for a new photoshoot. Rescheduling is only allowed once.

Q: Can you edit/retouch another photographers work? A: No.

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