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How To Build Your Photography Portfolio With Little To No Clients

So, you've invested in a camera, now what?! Let's get clients! It's critically important to have an online portfolio, so you can easily show your potential clients what you're capable of. Check out my list below of how to build your portfolio with little to no clients!

  1. Start off with Family and Friends

Family and friends are a quick way to grab models. If you think back to one of your family gatherings, I'm sure you can think of those one or two family members that love the spotlight lol. Call them up, tell them to get dressed, and meet you at a location of your choice for free pictures!

2. Head to your nearest Public Park

On a nice beautiful day, take a trip to a public park and randomly go up to families or couples and offer a free mini session! Yes, free! I know it sounds crazy to some, but it works! This was honestly my very first method to building my portfolio and clientele. What started out as a picnic in the park with my husband later became a free photo session for many couples and families that were at the park that day! We exchanged information after and Wala, happy clients and more photos for my portfolio!

3. Search Social Media for Beginner Models/Other Creatives

If randomly going up to strangers at the park isn't your thing lol, you can always seek out beginner models/Creatives on Facebook and Instagram. Beginner models or other creatives are usually also working on portfolios so this method would be a win win for you both! Not only will you get the chance to collaborate on ideas together, but it will also give you both a chance to build clients when your work is mentioned on his or her social media page! Bring on the new followers and potential clients! Yessss! Teamwork!

4. Clean up your Social Media Sites and Update Those Headshots

While you're building your photography brand, you definitely want to look the part when potential clients and collaboratives are searching your name to check out your pages to decide if y'all are a good fit or not. Clear out posts and pics that no longer reflect how you want others to view you when they visit your page. If it don't apply...(you know the rest lol). Depending on how much content is on your social media pages, it may take a few hours or days to fix! Once you've cleared out those pics or posts that no longer serve you, ask your favorite photographer for updated portraits and headshots. Now you have attractive social media pages that will surely bring in new creatives, small businesses, and potential clients to help build that portfolio!

5. Leave/Pass Out Your Business Cards Everywhere You Go

Whether you are at the mall with friends, grocery shopping, at the park, or at a movie theatre, leave/pass out your business cards! You never know who may be in need of photography services so making your contact information accessible to possible clients can increase your chances of building clientele which will then increase photos for your portfolio!

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